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Not sure what to focus on?

If you are pulled in different directions, and you have no time in a day to focus on your dream, or goal which you set yourself at the beginning of January, it is time to “review your activities today” and make some changes.  These simple and effective steps will bring you amazing results, as long as you are going to apply them and stick to them. Take a step back for a moment and make a decision. Decide that today you are going to review and tidy up your daily tasks and activities for good.

Ideally, book 1 hr of interrupted time, you can use your lunch break, or do it straight after work. Sit down in a quiet place, take your laptop, iPad, or a personal calendar where you plan your week or day, and do the following:

Step 1. Sort your activities into high-value tasks. 

High-priority tasks are absolutely essential to be done by you and bring the highest value in the project, business, and your life. If you are an entrepreneur like me, you know that there is so much time in a day and millions of things to do, every day. You are not able to do everything by yourself each day. You need to prioritize, delegate, and focus on the highest value activities every day, otherwise, your business will suffer.
Mark all these tasks and activities which will generate income, allow you to grow and scale. In my case will be meaningful conversations with potential clients,  consultations, supervising effectively my team, and planning and execution on my big projects like the “ Get a dream Job Masterclass” planned for May.

Step 2. Sort your activities into low-value tasks. 

Low-value activities are nice to have but bring no value into the project you are doing, no value into the business, and no value into your life. Things with a low value for example are: triple-checking your mailbox, spending too much time on social media, calling your friends during working hr, having multiple conversations about the same things with your work colleagues, or doing visual updates on your website.
These things are nice to have, but as long as these can wait, should be minimized and pushed right at the end of the day, so you can do them later, or tomorrow and no one will suffer.
This will allow you to focus more on “high-value activities” which in fact maximize your productivity and move things forward.

Step 3. Prioritize your tasks in line with a level of urgency. 

The level of urgency can create the most results for you and transform your daily routines. Take a step back and think: What is the most important thing, the action step you should do right now? What’s the next best thing you can do at this moment to move things forward? Who and why needs to be refocused and briefed? What next logical thing will help to finish this report, master thesis, or allow you to get this interview?
Important things should be always done first. You are in control of your time and you decide every day what should be done and why. Do it with more care and intention and your productivity will go to the next level.
Step 4. Assign time to each activity. 

To some, it could be very easy to do, but to others, it could be very difficult. Use your common sense and past experience you have to know more or less how long will it take you to finish that chapter, report, or website. Don’t underestimate the time required to finish this task as best as you can. If you know that this task will take probably 1.5-2 hr then write that in and stick to it. Be honest with yourself, that helps a lot.

Step 5. Rearrange all tasks each day starting with high-value and highest-priority tasks!

If you start each day with high-value and high-priority tasks you are going to accelerate your progress, boost productivity to a very high level.
Remember this rule. During the day you make hundreds of decisions consciously and subconsciously, each decision you make moves you closer or moves you away from your goal or dream.

You are in a driving seat every day. 
For those of you who know me well, you know that I studied in Vienna (Austria) having multiple jobs, working at least 4 days a week being a student at the same time. I was studying for 5 years and it was everything but easy, because I had to learn to maximize my time, mind, and my life. Back then I have learned the best techniques which accelerated my career in London and now help me to scale my business. You can do it too!

Anything is possible and it’s all down to you and the choices you make every day.

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