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Hi, I’m Cassi, and I am so glad that you have found your way here, to me. I define myself as woman of extraordinary courage, resilience, and transformation. My life story is not just a narration of my experiences, but an empowering testament to human endurance, rekindling hope in the darkest corners and demonstrating that the true power lies within us.

From a young age, I was entangled in the gripping chains of obesity. In 2016, I bravely chose the path of a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, hoping to chart a new course towards health and well-being. But life, as unpredictable as it is, had different plans. Post-surgery complications snowballed into a more complex scenario requiring a bypass surgery. But did that deter me? No, it did not. Instead, each stumbling block steeled my resolve to fight back harder, to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

The physical turmoil of my surgeries was mirrored by the internal turmoil of a past marred by relentless abuse. Here was a battle not fought on visible grounds, but in the silent recesses of my mind. Here was where I faced my most formidable opponent: myself. Recognizing that I was my worst critic, I decided to turn this battlefield into a sanctuary of self-love and acceptance. My journey is proof that the mind is the greatest ally one can have, and when harnessed correctly, it has the power to catalyze significant life transformations.

Every challenge I encountered served as a stepping stone, propelling me further on my journey towards a renewed identity. Today, I stand as a beacon of inspiration, demonstrating how one can overcome life’s biggest hurdles, both physical and mental, and rise above them.

By choosing me as your life coach, you’re not just getting a professional with firsthand experience. You’re choosing someone who has walked through the fires of life and emerged stronger, someone who has navigated the stormy seas and reached the shores of victory. I embody the resilience I inspire in others, and I understand the struggle because I have lived it myself. Let me guide you on your journey, and together, we can rise from the ashes towards a brighter, healthier, and happier life.

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Professional Biography

I am an experienced life Coach, certified through The Life Coach School, with specialized training in the profound impact of thought work on bariatric journeys. I am dedicated to helping individuals master their minds by consciously examining and altering their thoughts, enabling them to cultivate a mindset that empowers their new, healthier selves. By aligning my clients’ thoughts with their goals, I provide guidance and support in making choices that foster their well-being, leading to long-term weight loss success. With expertise in reinforcing self-belief and resilience, I equip my clients with the mental strength to overcome setbacks and view them as opportunities for growth. Through my comprehensive approach to thought work, I assist individuals in achieving sustainable lifestyle changes that surpass weight loss, allowing them to embrace a vision of improved quality of life. As a certified life coach, I am fully committed to supporting my clients as they confidently step into their new, healthier identities.


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