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7 Steps To Create Positive Change


Are you ready to create positive changes in your life? If you are, THIS is exactly what you need! This fillable digital workbook walks you through a step by step easy to follow process to gain insight, create a plan, and start taking positive steps towards the change you wish to see in your life.

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This 7 step guide to creating positive change is a simple to follow workbook that guides you through the most important steps to creating change. Through this workbook, you will gain insight, identify barriers, align with a positive mindset, and create a simple and easy to follow step by step plan to create the change in your life you wish to see. Here’s a breakdown of exactly what’s included:

  • Pyramid of change – Identify where you are in the process of change
  • Barriers – Identify and overcome barriers to change
  • Strengths & Values – Utilize your strengths and values to help you align with change
  • Get clear – Aligning with what you truly want
  • Road map – Identify where you are now and where you want to be to set yourself up for creating the plan
  • Create and implement a plan – Creating a step by step plan to positive changes
  • Reflection
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