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Change of perspective!

Are you misunderstood by your environment?

Have you ever been in a situation that a family member, partner, best friend could not understand what are you doing and why? And instead of you “pursuing your thing”, ignoring their point of view you, you have lost so much time, energy, got discouraged or even (in a worst-case scenario) abandoned your dream because you kept explaining your point and subsequently with the time you lost the drive to accomplish your goal? I call it simply: Got exhausted or drained. Have you ever experienced that?

Well, I been in such a situation million times and even though I am confident, and most of the time I know my worth such conversations always to some degree knocked me down. Until this day, I am having such situations with different people, in various places, but now I am approaching it differently.

I finally grasped the idea that we don’t always need to agree and that I am in charge of my dreams, so it is up to me how I manage them.

To manage such situations better you could try:

1. Save your energy for important things! 
For example, important business meetings, emergency calls with clients or family time.
There is no point in trying to explain something to someone who does not get it.
The sooner you realise it, the more time you save. Your energy is precious, your “headspace” belongs to you, and it is, in fact, worth “millions”, if only you learn how to manage it.  If you allow someone negative opinion or a viewpoint to be stored in your mind, it means that you did not yet learnt how to manage your own headspace.

2. Change the subject immediately!
I accept their point of view and move on. FAST. The faster I do it, the better results I get. We all go through life in different stages, speed and intensity. There are moments when you are on fire, feeling unstoppable and moments of nostalgia or emotional pain. We need to manage each stage in the right way. We can’t ignore it well at least we should not, but we should do what can with what we have to the best of our abilities. So, we take time off, hire a coach, go to therapy, and things like that take time. So, if my friend is totally different stage in her life, it is simply complicated for her to understand.

3. Minimise the contact.
If I see that someone does not have a clue about what I am saying, I say to myself “Minimise the contact”. And I don’t want to be rude or disrespectful. What that does it to create a clear mental boundary between me + dream and that person. If I know that this person does not get it, on a bad day, I definitely won’t call this person and ask for help. That would be insane, as this person will say something which will hurt you even more. Don’t believe me, try it.

4. Set priorities
A reality check. I always ask a question: “Who’s job is to make MY DREAM a reality?”Since it is my dream, it is my responsibility to protect it and pursuit it.

Are you protecting your dreams? Are you moving towards or away from your dream?

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