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Your core values

Do you know your core values?

Our values are very important because they help us to grow and develop.

They help us to create the future we want to experience. They help us to live an authentic, happy life because the truth is when you know your values, you can relax, reflect, reorganize your tasks, time, commitment in a more efficient way, than ever before, and automatically align your actions with your values, creating the perfect life for YOU!

Once your values are established, you can see clearly, rethink your experience, understand your behaviour, gain higher awareness, become more confident about what you want to do next. Since you are the creator of your own life, it depends on you how you what decisions you are going to make, where you are going to put your energy, focus, and effort.

Since my coaching career started keeping my own record of the data, results of the coaching models, methods I am utilizing.

In terms of values, the main benefits of identifying values are:

  1. Provide clarity around designing your perfect future
  2. Empower you to notice that most things in your life are in” fact within your control”
  3. Open the door to many opportunities and being able to use them!
  4. Provides growth and development of your skills
  5. Give you the freedom of choice and a sense of calm.

Personal values are the things that are important to us, the characteristics and behaviours that motivate us and guide our decisions. It gives us information and allows us to understand ourselves better.

We differ from one another, we can be similar but none of us is the same.
We all however do the same thing which is “strive ” for something. This something is indirectly your values, so if you are interested have a go!

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