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Self-awareness is everything

Self-awareness is being aware of various aspects of ourselves, this includes your behaviors, habits, feelings, reactions, and traits. I say to my clients:

“everything starts and finishes with self-awareness.”

It is important because when we know each other, we have a better understanding of ourselves, and are able to experience ourselves better, as unique individuals. If we know what we “want”, we are self-aware of ourselves, and it is much easier to find a way how we can get there. We are then naturally empowered and motivated to make changes and build on our areas of strength. It is easy to identify objectively areas where we would like to make improvements. There is more harmony, clarity and the decision-making process is faster and smoother.

Self-awareness is a critical tool to help you reach higher levels of job satisfaction, become a better leader, improve personal and professional relationships and most importantly manage your own emotions better.
Self-awareness is the ultimate path to higher levels of happiness and life satisfaction.  Self-awareness is usually practiced and cultivated, it is not a fixed feature. It depends on you, how much focus you will put into expanding your self-awareness and most cases is lead by the ” intrinsic drive” of an individual, connected directly with an external goal that is set to be achieved. It is inner work, followed by taking harmonious action.

“The hardest part of being self-aware is when you realize that you are the problem… There is a gap between the old and the new. Discovering you are the problem is becoming aware of the cause of the old” Jean-Paul.

It means that looking inward into your behavior, thinking patterns and reactions can help you to objectively evaluate the cause and root of the problem to find an “obvious” solution. Self-evaluation is the hardest part, for some it is easy, but to others, it can be almost an impossible task. A qualified “life coach” is equipped with tools and strategies for how the client alone can come easily to these conclusions effectively, enhancing and accelerating the growth journey.

There is a “real power” in identifying the facts and asking the question: ” I think it’s me who creates this issue”. This finding can change everything in a given situation and most of the time it’s the first step to positive change.

There are many benefits of self-awareness, I list only a few:

  1. Rises happiness and self-fulfillment levels
  2. Becoming a better leader by understanding how others perceive your behavior
  3. Recognize and improve easily your skillset
  4. Recognize and better management of your weaknesses and strengths
  5. Increased work motivation, by seeking true passion
  6. Strengthen work and personal relationships by managing emotions

Are you working on expanding your self-awareness?

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